Custom Jewelry


You can email, give us a call, or even schedule a time to meet in person to discuss your custom order. We try to include you in the process as much as possible. After we receive your stone, along with the details of what you want, we'll send updates and pictures through email or text, allowing for open communication throughout the creation stages. You can also place orders in the mail along with your rock.

What we need before you start

  • Your stone (not needed if you just want a wire piece)
  • What style of jewelry you want
    • Necklace (Slide/Pendant/Enhancer)
    • Ring
    • Earrings
    • Bracelet
  • Your size (specific to the jewelry type)
  • The desired shape/size of your stone
  • Type of wire
    • 14k gold-filled wire
    • Sterling silver wire

Guidelines for choosing a stone

When choosing a stone, it should not be porous because it will not polish out to a smooth shiny surface. It will always have holes unless this is the finish you are looking for. Additionally, a stone with a lot of cracks in it will likely crack apart during the polishing process.

The stone should be close to the size of a half-dollar (1"-1.5" diameter). In forming a cabochon, we start with a slice of the rock approx. ¼" thick, so please allow for this when selecting your stone.

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