About Us

Our motivation is to educate people not only about our jewelry, but also the gem stones and minerals that exist all around us.

Our first years we were in Chesterfield, VA, where we were cutting and polishing our own stones. When we moved to the Blue Ridge and Shenandoah Valley in 2008, we had so many people asking and inspiring us to cut and polish rocks and stones that they had in order to create pieces that were significant to them.

They educated us on what they had, and this opened up a whole new dimension of what we could do with our business, and since then we've been making custom jewelry from customers' rocks and gemstones.

We actually find the stones, or are lead to them by members of the gem and mineral clubs we belong to. The rough stones are cut, shaped, ground, and then polished using diamond embedded saws and tool until we have formed a polish cabochon. From a cabochon we form a frame around it with 14k gold-filled or sterling silver wire and fashion it into our wearable pieces of art. All wire is hand twisted bent and formed to fit the individual piece with no solder or glue involved.

For a more detailed look, please watch our Shenandoah Living Magazine video below:

Awards & Achievements